The real training starts when you get to the office and start the exam. This is another huge tip when it comes to training your husky. By providing the proper nutrition for your new pet, you are allowing them to learn in a much better state of mind. You are also able to work on commands such as sit and wait during meal times.

This should be away from any main relaxing area of your yard. There will be many occasions your husky pup will want something he isn’t allowed. For him to obey a simple “leave it” command will be invaluable to you. This is command is harder to learn but will teach him great control and will help him to feel calm in stressful or busy environments.

One of your most important tasks as a new (or even not-so-new) Husky owner is to embark on a proper training program with your Siberian Husky. As well as providing an outlet for these high energy dogs, training your Husky is a great means of bonding and will ensure you have a long and happy life together. Read our full guide to puppy nail trims, and check out our reviews of our favorite puppy nail clippers. If they can’t take treats around joggers and cyclists, you’re probably too close, and your puppy needs more distance. Your Husky puppy’s personality is probably starting to come out and as their confidence grows, training will be even more important so they know how to behave. Read our full guide to Socializing your puppy to learn more about Husky puppy socialization.

All of those will lead to the development of problematic behaviors and habits. Since they just had their food and they might feel full already. Try a simple 10-minute session every day to recall their weekly classes.

Video Teaching Consultations

Here is where you will teach your dog patience, as well as how to feel comfortable with the staff and veterinarian. There are a lot of things your dog won’t be comfortable with, and it’s your job to make sure he makes it through everything okay. A good tip is to expect to come home to your couch destroyed, trash on the floor, and a number of other incidents before your dog is fully trained. This is going to cause you to become very frustrated, look to a behavior specialist if you need to. Know that they did not do this to hurt you or your things, they were probably just scared or anxious. Siberian Huskies are often referred to as the Houdini of the dog world, and for good reason too.

Whether it’s marking, anxiety, or excitement, you’ll want to determine what’s making them do their business inside so you can modify the behavior. Whether you have experience training dogs or you’re a newbie tired of chewed-up slippers, following these steps will set your pooch up for success and strengthen your bond with them. An important element in dog training that most people do not know about. When you give a command such as “sit,” “down,” or “stay,” your dog should obey that command.

How do Reward-Based Teaching Encourage Advisable Behaviors?

(Punishment has no place in potty training!) It is a process that takes both time and patience, but you and your puppy can master this important task. There are so many good reasons to teach your puppy to go to the bathroom outside, but that is not always the most practical option. Particularly during the first few months with a young puppy, the constant trips outside during potty training may be too much of a challenge. Elderly or mobility-challenged owners may find frequent walks too difficult.

“I’ll walk away, go into the bathroom, and shut the door for like 10 or 20 seconds,” Gillihan says. You can also redirect your dog to an appropriate chew toy and away from your body. If your puppy falls asleep in the crate, you can leave him in there longer. But if he’s awake, take your puppy out of the crate after 15 minutes and give him an opportunity to go potty.

It is important to give the dog basic training from the beginning. Your pet gets exercise, is kept busy, and you get to spend time together. After training, he will stop pulling on the leash, listen to your commands, and may even obey commands such as “sit”, “down”, and “give paw”.

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